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Orchidei Mari David Nesravnennyi

Orchidei Mari David Nesravnennyi

I can tell a lot about David’s shows, but it will take too much time. His show experience is rather big, and there is no wonder. He was born to succeed in a life of a show champion and to continue the glorious race of beautiful Labradors.

Yet at four months Dove participated in his first dog show, which was international and took place in Vladimir. David’s first show was his first success and the first title of the Best Baby in breed. Then he just increased the quantity of his wins.

Junior Multi Champion, Multi Champion

Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of National Breed Club
Junior Baltic Champion, Junior Champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus
Champion of Russia, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Serbia
Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Macedonia, Champion of Bulgaria, Champion of Balkan Countries

Grand Champion of Russia, Grand Champion of Belarus, Grand Champion of Montenegro
Grand Champion of Macedonia, Grand Champion of Bulgaria

RKF Champion, National Breed Club Champion
Champion of OANKOO, RFSS, RFOS
Cruft’s qualification
International Working Certificate

Show Career

DateShowJudgeClassGrade and titlesDiploma
September 29, 2018International dog-show CACIB-FCI, UkraineZaza OmarovWorkingExcellent, CW, CAC, CACIB, BOB
August 13, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, BulgariaStefan PopovWorkingExcellent, CW, CAC, res.CACIBЧемпион Балканских стран
August 12, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, BulgariaNikolina DavidovskaWorkingExcellent, CW, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, BIG-1Гранд Чемпион Болгарии
August 11, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, BulgariaMalgorzata LorenzWorkingExcellent, CW, CAC, res.CACIBЧемпион Болгарии
August 8, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, MacedoniaDoncho BorisovWorkingExcellent, CW, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, BIG-2Гранд Чемпион Македонии
August 7, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, MacedoniaStefan PopovWorkingExcellent, CW, CACЧемпион Македонии
August 6, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, MacedoniaSlobodan MilosevskiWorkingExcellent, CW, res.CACIB
August 5, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI, MacedoniaVojislav Al DaghistaniWorkingExcellent, CW, res.CACIB
August 2, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI "Montenegro Cup-2017" Miodrag VretenicicWorkingExcellent, CW, CACЧемпион Черногории
August 1, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI "Montenegro Cup-2017" Denis KuzeljWorkingExcellent, CW, CACЧемпион Черногории
July 29, 2017International dog-show CACIB-FCI "Socobanja-2017", SerbiaToplica ZdravkovicWorkingExcellent, CW, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, BIG-2
February 11, 2017National all-breed dog show "Winter tail-2017"Gorbachevsky O.WorkingExcellent, CW, Best Male, CAC, Champion Candidate RFLS
September 24, 2016National all-breed dog showTerentieva V.IntermediateExcellent, CW, CAC
September 24, 2016National specialty for Retrievers and Spaniels
Chaikovskaya F.IntermediateExcellent, CW, CAC
September 11, 2016National all-breed dog show "Podmoskovnye Vstrechi-2016"Bauzhes E.IntermediateExcellent, CW, CAC, Champion of Federation, Best Male
August 14, 2016LKDDominic Harris (UK)OpenExcellent, CW2, CAC, Best Male
August 13, 2016LKDJoanna Szczepańska Korpetta (Pl)JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC
July 30, 2016International dog show CACIB-FCI LKFSigurd Wilberg (UK) JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC, Best Male-2 (from 17 entries)
July 23, 2016Labrador retriever Club Winner specialty "Kubok Labrador-Retriever XXI vek"Prozorov D.IntermediateExcellent, CW, Candidate for Club Champion
July 16, 2016Labrador retriever Club Winner specialtyVasilieva E.IntermediateExcellent, CW, Candidate for Club Champion
July 16, 2016National all-breed dog show "Rybinskaya Sloboda 2016"Balashova N.IntermediateExcellent, CW, CAC, RFLS Champion, Best Male, Best of Breed
July 10, 2016International dog show CACIB-FCI, Parnu, EstoniaElena Ruskovaara (FI)JuniorExcellent-2, Res.JCAC
July 9, 2016International dog show CACIB-FCI, Parnu, EstoniaSean Carroll (IE)JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC, Best Junior
July 3, 2016National all-breed dog show KK Gardian (Tula)Sudarikova L.IntermediateExcellent, CW, CAC, OANKOO Champion, Best Male
June 11, 2016Regional all-breed dog show KLZh OLIMPReshetnikova S.IntermediateExcellent, CW, CAC, RFLS Champion Candidate
June 4, 2016International dog show CACIB-FCI, Minsk (CRAFT nom.)Butkiene JurateJuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC, CRUFTS Qualification
May 8, 2016YaROSO KSiLS, Labrador retriever Club Winner specialtyTerentieva L.JuniorExcellent, CW, Junior Club Winner
May 8, 2016Regional all-breed dog show YaROSO KSiLSPilikin V.JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC
May 7, 2016National all-breed dog show KSDC Alfa-DogKaretnikova O.JuniorExcellent-2, RJCAC
May 2, 2016Regional all-breed dog show MOOK OlimpTrifonova I.JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC
May 2, 2016National all-breed dog show MKOO SRS KraftOvsyannikova J.JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC, Best Junior, Best of Breed, BIG-2
April 30, 2016Labrador retriever Club Winner specialty "Yankee Grand-Prix"Andrew Metcalfe
JuniorExcellent, CW, Junior Club Winner, Best Junior
April 24, 2016RROO Klub Ljubitelej Sobak «Legion» - "Ryazanskaya Vesna 2016"Vasiliev O.JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC, BOS
April 24, 2016Labrador retriever Club Winner specialty "Ryazanskaya Vesna 2016"Manzenko V.JuniorExcellent-3, JСС
March 27, 2016National all-breed dog show OOO RKKLavrinovich P.JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC, Best Junior
March 6, 2016National all-breed dog show TG OO Objedinenie Kinologicheskih PitomnikovGaliaskarov S.JuniorExcellent, CW, JCAC
March 6, 2016National all-breed dog show TG OO Tverskoj Kinologicheskij Tsentr"Prozorov D.JuniorExcellent-2, RJCAC
November 1, 2015International dog show CACIB-FCI "Russia-2015-2"Per.Cristian AndersenPuppyVery promising-3
October 31, 2015International dog show CACIB-FCI "Russia-2015-1"Antonio RojoPuppyVery promising, Res.CW
September 5, 2015National all-breed dog show MOOK Kinolog I YaKrakovskaya L.PuppyVery promising, CW, Best Puppy
September 5, 2015Regional all-breed dog show Osennij Kubok DOSAAF, USC PerovoIvanova L.PuppyVery promising, CW, Best Puppy
July 18, 2015National all-breed dog show MKO OrfeyBaklushin G.BabyVery promising, CW, Best Baby
July 4, 2015International dog show CACIB-FCI "Vladimir-2015"BabyVery promising, CW, Best Baby