My first dog-show



Time spins away and every day is full of happy moments! We are going to our first dog show. Yet I don’t know what is it and worry a lot. Because my mummy so worries. If she worries so much, that means something important for both of us is about to forthcome. The journey to Vladimir was wonderful. Everything was so interesting – the long way, breaks for quick meal, new smells and feelings. But the most interesting was ahead of this.

I came into the ring. By that time I already knew that I had to stay and trot beautifully. I knew the way to stay in style, but the trot wasn’t such successful – my paws couldn’t obey yet the way they should. But I was trying hard. Suddenly everybody around brightened up and started to grab me, pet and praise. I didn’t understand what the win was, but recognized that was very pleasant.

It turned out to be international dog show and I became the best and the most promising little Labrador! (Best Baby, very promising, CW)