Baltic Holidays – 2016. Part 1.



Long-awaited vacation at last, we are setting off for the Baltic states, Kaliningrad’s district. But as usual, mum can’t be so simple. At first – Druskininkai and three days of an unbearable heat at the international dog show…

But I don’t want any shows, I want to the sea. As a result – I let down my mum and turned out to be the second. Mum was so upset, so I decided it would never happen again. The sea is waiting for us at last! Five unforgettable days of swimming, photo sessions, long nature walks with mummy by my side! I can’t wish more for the Labrador’s happiness! Even the bitterness of defeat retreated and we were enjoying our recreation and companionship.

What a happiness, I have a chance for justification! We were invited for the show in Shalchininkai, and set off there at 12th of August!