About my owner



My darling owner, my mummy, is a separate matter. I’m absolutely sure that I’ve pull the lucky dog ticket. The ticket to heaven, where reign love, friendship, understanding, joy of communication, team spirit, tolerance and mercy, – all that requires not only the Labradors, but any dog. My mummy not only look after me and works with my education. She understands me, that’s quite rare feature now. In some inconceivable way she knows what I need and what I like. However, she doesn’t spoil me too much, and I respect this! Respect her as a leader and a friend.

We are always together. When we travel, train, make mistakes and fix them. When we go to the swimming pool and shopping. When we have breakfast or supper, when we walk talking to each other about our rueful feelings. My mummy is very emotional owner.

I will tell you how love for a dog can change the life of a person. Mummy started to attend classes of cynology, because she has some serious plans regarding me and our future. She even learned such complicated skills as handling and worked as my own handler at the showrings since then. She says that she feels more confident in ring as compared to be outside. I can well believe it, because I feel more confident too with her by my side. My mummy is very purposeful person on the whole, and I just follow her…